Association of Afro-LatinAmerican and Caribbean Researchers 


The First Congress of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Researchers I CINALC 2024 was held in Rio de Janeiro

The First Congress of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Researchers I CINALC 2024 was held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in conjunction with the V Race and Intersectionality Colloquium. Researchers from Angola, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Uruguay participated. For four days, June 25, 26, 27 and 28, participants from 15 countries held conferences, round tables, oral communications and cultural activities. The topics addressed covered a wide range of topics, building a bridge between researchers from different areas who shared experiences that cross race, racism, anti-racist struggle, gender, sexuality, class and intersectionalities in the most varied areas of knowledge in Latin America.
The event began with the words of the president of AINALC, Dr. Anny Ocoró Loango, in the days in which her management at the head of the entity concludes. At the opening, Dr. Ocoró welcomed the participants from 15 countries and highlighted the work carried out in the organization of this international event.
She expressed: "I want to thank all the sponsors and collaborators who have worked tirelessly whith us to make this event possible." Thanks you for all your support and collaboration.
I invite you to actively participate, to share your experiences and perspectives, and to build collaborative networks that transcend borders and disciplines on a wide range of topics that address race and intersectionalities from diverse perspectives: historical, social, cultural, political and economic. Today our work is more relevant than ever, and through events like this we can strengthen our community and move towards a more just and equal society. On behalf of all the organizers, I give you the warmest welcome and wish you fruitful and enriching work.